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Job description

Grameenphone NEXT DIGITAL EXPLORER (NDE) is an exclusive program designed to provide accelerated growth opportunity to talented fresh graduates. If you are set to achieve challenging targets in competitive environment and want to make mark in corporate world, then this program is for you. You will be able to explore the full extent of your potential through rotational assignments in different functions, intensive mentoring and coaching from senior leaders, and the possibility of developing your very own project with real business impact. In this program, you will receive exciting & extra-ordinary experience which will help you gain a deep understanding of dynamic business, people and the digital world.


The unique characteristic of this program is that the trainees will be tasked to develop and propose a project which they will then be responsible to execute. The project can be geared towards reengineering an existing process or creating the next revolutionary product or service from the ground up. Through this program, GP shall equip potential future experts with the necessary skills, knowledge and exposure and at the same time challenge them to unleash their potential within the company’s performance based culture.
Desired Skills and Experience

As a leading organization in the country & a global organization, Grameenphone searches for individuals who strive to make difference in every way, with a mission to move Bangladesh ahead. We are looking for highly ambitious & pro-active fresh graduates with a degree in Business Administration from any reputed university. We will look into several skills & attitudes such as being result oriented, ability to collaborate with & influence others, team approach & knack for picking up market insights. Your innovative ideas & ability to connect with peoplewill make you a strong contender for the position. We seek analytical minds, which will be able to dream up and execute strong business ideas in this rapidly changing world. In Grameenphone, we firmly adopt our four values and we believe our sole purpose is to give the best for our Customers. If you have a similar mindset, our door is wide open for you.


Closing Date: 29-Feb-16

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The right and contemporary use of technology is key to the progress of a nation. Keeping this in mind, Grameenphone always brings future-proof technology in order to facilitate your progress. The possibilities in this new world are immense and someone as bright as you should be the forerunner in leading the change. At the end of the day, Grameenphone believes, individual progresses eventually accumulate in progress of a nation.

A career at Grameenphone is about going beyond your ability to help society move ahead. Challenges here are met not by individuals but by teams – teams that live by the values, strives to innovate & are always ready to take on the challenge of creating winning solutions. Armed with the most employee friendly policies of the country and avant-garde infrastructure, the Grameenphone employees are relentless in their mission to help the customers to reap the benefit of staying connected.

In Grameenphone, we believe in the power of people to transform the society for the better. So we are dedicated to build and develop supreme talents that are at par with its unyielding growth. So explore your opportunities with Grameenphone today if you are ready to Go Beyond.

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