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Southeast Bank Limited was established in 1995 with a dream and a vision to become a pioneer banking institution of the country and contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy. The Bank was established by leading business personalities and eminent industrialists of the country with stakes in various segments of the national economy. The incumbent Chairman of the Bank is Mr. Alamgir Kabir, FCA, a professional Chartered Accountant. Mr. M. A. Kashem a member of the Board and Mr. Yussuf Abdullah Harun were past Presidents of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI).

Southeast Bank is run by a team of efficient professionals. They create and generate an environment of trust and discipline that encourages and motivates everyone in the Bank to work together for achieving the objectives of the Bank. The culture of maintaining congenial work - environment in the Bank has further enabled the staff to benchmark themselves better against management expectations. A commitment to quality and excellence in service is the hallmark of their identity.
Southeast Bank takes pride for bringing women into the banking profession in a significant number for gender equality. At present, 18.14% of SEBL's employees are women.

Our ten million expatriates are a source of pride for Bangladesh. They represent us abroad by building our image. They also spread the richness of our cultures across the globe. In that sense, they are the ambassadors of goodwill for Bangladesh. The foreign exchange they send home is the second largest source of much needed foreign exchange for our economic development. In fact, if we adjust import costs against export earnings of the garments sector which brings highest amount of foreign exchange to the national economy, remittance will figure as the single largest source of foreign exchange for Bangladesh.
Southeast Bank Limited is continuously striving to build its remittance business by rendering quality services through a network of reputed banks and exchange houses around the globe along with an extensive network in the country to deliver money to the beneficiaries in the safest form and quickest possible time.


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